Education and recreational activities

Parents of younger and older children often book up their afternoons in good faith, to encourage their children and so they do something good. Nevertheless, children need free play, for all recreational activities are essential for their development, such as for language acquisition as well as for the formation of social skills and the ability to solve problems. From studies, we know that the developing brain is much more demanded and promoted.

Concentration has to be learned and practiced regularly. To promote the concentration of many board games. One must therefore take time to play with the child alone or to tinker with it creates a pleasant atmosphere without TV, tape recorder or similar irrigation. Ever in the play, and the subsequent concentration is placed. Should offer the toy in the children remain manageable, daily concentration promotional games or exercises to increase the capacity of a child, thereby increasing self-esteem, performance, openness is been machined.

However, it should never be a child’s play as “pre-school” associated with constraints and requirements. Although most parents have been informed of all the learning tips to improve concentration, it is not always possible to them on a daily basis to implement these tips too. Depending on the age of the child, most parents are at work, which is why it is especially important that children independently of a certain age are able to apply learning tips.

If you have a look on you will notice the fact that since not everyone has the educational qualifications and the appropriate sensitivity, events for children are especially recommended. They learn in a small group with others to pay attention to certain circumstances. You can discuss what you can do wrong, what helps them to exchange best practice and some simple shiatsu massages. In principle, there are three groups of concentration and relaxation techniques for children who are best learned in the group and guidance of an experienced coach or an experienced instructor.

Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson

• In progressive muscle, relaxation will work a change of tension and relaxation of the muscles, where the children learn under supervision to flex certain muscles, muscle groups, and then relax again. Progressive muscle relaxation thereby helping to release tension in the body and break down deep-seated stress and it is necessary to repeat the exercises regularly.

• Autogenic training: When autogenously training the body and mind through mental images and positive influence brought to rest. Autogenic training school first, the physical perception and the children learn that they can through autosuggestion fears and concerns can gradually weaken.

• Yoga: In yoga, there are two types of exercises: in the energy exercises (pranayama), children learn consciously pay attention to their breathing, while the physical exercises of strength and stretching exercises exist. Yoga exercises help the body awareness and help children in developing a strong sense of self, but also encourage them to concentrate and lead to an inner balance.

Education: What determines the concentration?

Whether the concentration of children, however, depends also on the time of day: the evening or late afternoon, when a child is tired, decreases the ability to concentrate, because a child needs this energy. Before one does worry about whether a child has problems with concentration, you should watch it several times in his activities: Does it work properly? If the child is tired or upset? On the other hand, I am too impatient as a parent.

Attention specifically to draw on something and then stick to it is not a question of intelligence. Concentration is like a spotlight that casts its light always straight to where it is needed. The rest of the area is at the concentration.The rule of thumb for the concentration of children can use the simple formula that their attention on average about twice as long as holding their age. You can find more about this topic on

The concentration of a 5-year-old is then about 10 minutes, the one-year-old 10-about 20 minutes. However, at this age, the concentration of non-linear time but increases further, but does in adults already clear after 30 minutes.Impaired attention is an important survival mechanism of evolution because being distracted at the right moment. No one will continue to stir the batter if the milk boils over on the stove.

The interplay of attention and concentration is so complex that it is no specific area in the brain exists in which these skills are firmly locates, rather, the concentration builds a network of contraction and relaxation and perception and memory on. An important threshold of attention is short-term memory, because of the millions of impressions that continually over our senses – the make yourself quite a selection of the offered stimuli – are sent to the brain, it sorts out the bulk and cannot even him into consciousness penetrate.

Information is stored only for as long as we need it.

Rhetorical figures in an essay

The linguistic or rhetorical figures are also often called an important stylistic device of language. Without these rhetorical means books, short stories, plays, poems and essays were boring, repetitive and pointless. Who wants to be a perfect essay writing a factual essay, interpretation, discussion or analysis must, with linguistic figures as litotes, metaphor or hyperbole can handle deftly. Particularly in analysis of factual texts, plays or short stories is that you need to know and use the full range of linguistic figures.

If you are to write an essay on a specific topic, which is treated in a drama, or a short story in another text, so you should in the first place set the language and rhetorical means in the text apart. You need to recognize the text in the respective rhetorical figures, name these figures of speech in your essay and check for your function out in the text. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the issues discussed in the text and structure of the language of the text. To write essays guarantees excellent and very successful interpretations and analyses successful text!Rhetorical devices are normally analysed in detail in the body of an essay –

Finally, you must understand the importance of individual rhetorical figures to recognize them in the text.What for most is an insurmountable problem is very simple. Therefore, it is with the study of the function of linguistic characters in the text. For example, is a metaphor illustrates an event, a concept, or an object in the essay, short story or other arbitrary text. A large number of rhetorical devices such as Symbol, personification, periphrasis, climax, etc. aimed at the graphic quality and versatility of the language.

When you write an essay using many rhetorical styles and characters, then boredom, monotony and one-sidedness of your article on over and banished forever. Using the existing rhetorical, linguistic figures etc., the language in your essay looks alive. How to create tension in your essay and bring in the reader’s interest.

The rhetorical devices are the elements of each article, which stir the reader’s imagination.They give the sense of literature.